Embracing transformation

Shedding old shells for a beautiful you.

Fear and anxiety do not originate from a place of love; however, they can be the ashes from which you will rise.

There is an analogy that when a lobster grows too big for its shell, it needs to lie down underneath rocks where it will shed its old shell and wait until its new and bigger shell is fully developed. Similarly, when we feel stuck, taking rest becomes essential so that we, too, can shed our old shell. This shell prevents us from growing into the person we are destined to become.

Yes, it’s uncomfortable to be without that old shell, but the shell that once protected you now harms you by hindering growth. When we are not growing, we are dying.

Face your fears head-on. Empower yourself so that if the threat arises, you can overcome it with your newly developed powers. Sometimes, we might interpret the uneasy feeling as a sign that something is wrong, but this may not always be the case. Sometimes it’s simply discomfort — the feeling of being stuck in a shell that’s too small.

Change up place, pace and routine to create room for growth. Perhaps, adding more rest into your day can be part of switching up your routine. Everything experiences a dormant and restful state during transformation – butterflies, lobsters, dragonflies, and even fish are examples.

Embrace the period of rest and restoration, knowing that you are being transformed into an even more beautiful version of yourself.

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Photo credit: alessandrozocc (Envato)