No man’s an island

Maya Angelou once said: “We need joy as we need air. We need love as we need water. We need each other as we need the earth we share.” Nothing can be further from the truth…

Have you ever heard an organisation is only as strong as its weakest link? Lately I’ve been researching on how to create a sustainable indigenous garden. I quickly realised that those little bugs I considered pests and wanted to spray with insecticide the moment I saw one, served a purpose other than to kill indoor plants. In the ecosystem, these pests are part of a food supply to other organisms which are required to keep plants healthy and strong. As humans we may think we know better, but by interfering into nature and by spraying our plants with insecticide, we cause further damage by killing not only pests, but also good bugs and other organisms. The moment we remove a link in the chain, we may unknowingly remove an essential element that’s required to create a life of joy, hope, strength and resilience.

We are all part of a piece of art

Each of us are interrelated to one another. I’d like to see each of our relationships as a part of a painting. As we invite other people into our lives, whether we’re in vulnerable places, whether we feel weak or whether we experience joy, hope or love, we share experiences and emotions. When we include others, we get to experience the entire work of art, instead of only part of it. I am reminded of “The whole of the moon” sung by Celtic Women, how another may see the whole moon, where you and I may only see a part thereof. When we are too close or we focus too much on one thing, we don’t see the whole picture and we may make irrational or unwise decisions. If you think about it, even a remote island has some kind of ecosystem going on.

We have a need to belong

One of our core needs is to belong. When we remove our belonging, our potential to truthfully become fulfilled becomes less, instead we may fall into anxiety and depression, and perhaps feel like we don’t fit in anywhere and that we’re not good enough or maybe even rejected.

Yes, we are all different and unique and we don’t always understand each other. Each of us has our own set of values and characteristics, but we all share the common language of emotion. We all laugh when we are happy, why cry when we are sad. We all feel angry sometimes and we all want to be happy. What a wonderful world this could be if each of us were to use our own unique gifts to the greater good of humanity?

How would your life change if you were to step out into courage and allow authentic people into your life?

Emotions are valuable

I get it, sometimes we are afraid of our (or others’) emotions, because we don’t know how to respond. From an early age we are told not to cry. That’s like sticking a plaster on an infected wound.

How would it help you if you knew the purpose of emotions? I’d like to see emotions as waves that comes and goes. They are messengers, trying to tell you something. What are your emotions trying to tell you? What needs have been met? Which needs have not been met and which boundaries were perhaps overstepped?

Once we become aware of what our emotions are trying to tell us, it becomes easier to manage our emotions instead of allowing our emotions to control us.

As we remove ourselves from society, although we may think we protect ourselves, we actually weaken ourselves to anxiety, depression and stress by removing others from our chain. The reason I know this is because I’ve been there. I built a fort around me and didn’t trust anyone. This is a recipe for your soul to whither sooner than you may think. It is possible to overcome your struggles as I overcame mine with counselling, CBT, coaching, mindfulness, and hypnotherapy. It is possible to live a life you dream of.

You have purpose – ignite your light

You have a purpose and missions to complete. You have value. Now, put your hand on your heart. As long as your heart is still beating and there is breath in your lungs, there is still hope. You have hope. You are hope. There is a spark in your soul that needs to be ignited. Ignite it!

I hope this made a difference in your day. If you enjoyed No man’s an island, please share it to those you think may need it.

Photo credit: FlamingoImages