Unleash your potential

Have you ever heard of the Law of the Lid and the Law of the Mirror?

John Maxwell discusses these laws, and they are quite profound, yet also logical if you think about them.

The Law of the Mirror suggests that we need to recognize our own value before we can reflect that value onto others. The Law of the Lid implies that if we perceive ourselves as a 7 out of 10, for example, we will only be able to help others grow to a level 7. These laws apply not only to corporate positions but also to our personal lives. We don’t need to be CEO’s before we can be leaders. We already are leaders as parents and in our various relationships.

I’ve been reflecting on this quite a bit recently. Life has a way of tripping us up and perhaps slapping us in the face a few times. No one gets through life unscathed, but we have the choice in how to react. Often, we possess the courage of lions and the strength of an elephant, but when we are constantly conditioned to believe that we are weak and unworthy, we may start to believe these lies. Yes, we may fall, and the enemy likes to kick us while we’re down. Our souls become wounded, and we are exhausted, but just as a physical wound needs to be cleaned and treated, so too do our souls when they become wounded. If not, it’s like putting a band-aid on an infected wound.

I want you to imagine a baby lying in its bed and ponder how precious they are. Reflect on their purity, love, potential, and worth. In your mind’s eye, see their value and potential. Love is a universal language, and even at birth, babies understand love. Bless this baby by speaking words of encouragement, kindness, wisdom, and strength.

Now, replace this baby with yourself when you were a baby. Know that you are worthy, and healing is available for you.

Ask for and reach out for healing. Sometimes we hold onto pain and the past. Somehow, we think it defines us, because what are we without it? It has been part of us for so long. But letting go of pain doesn’t mean we invalidate it or that the pain was for nothing. Instead, when we let go of the pain, we release the power it has over us, transforming the dull coal into beautiful diamonds.

The enemy may try to keep you down by tying you to the past, but you have the authority to untie yourself so you can fly!

The truth is, you are so much more than your past, but you will need to make the decision to transform into the being you’ve been designed to be so you can step into the future you were meant to live. It’s never too late; you can always choose to heal. When you choose to heal, you choose to transform, and when you choose to transform, you choose to make a difference.

I’d like to encourage you to lift your lid and see your own potential so you can help others grow and heal in return.

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