what do you want to find in your treasure chest?

In the waiting we become.

Have you ever felt like you’ve hit a wall, and no matter where you turn, there’s no way forward? Maybe you feel there is something more in store for you, but it feels like you’re going nowhere, no matter how hard you try.

Not too long ago, I often felt like I was stuck in a waiting room forever. I felt frustrated because I wanted to do certain things, but nothing worked out as planned.

Paint your life with colour.

I like to compare our lives to a canvas. Every day, we get a new chance at life, to fix mistakes, learn new things, and to paint a new day.

Many times, when we are stuck in survival mode, our lives can become monochromatic quite quickly. If you were to paint each day, what would your life’s painting look like 10 or 20 years from now? What would you see and experience when you were to look at your life’s canvas?

On a journey to find your treasure.

A little more than a year ago, I had a dream. I was on a journey in search of a treasure. I walked through dark valleys, traveled through vast wildernesses, swam through stormy seas, and crossed deep rivers. At times, it felt lonely and scared; other times, I felt like I kept climbing this steep mountain, never to reach the summit. It was hard, exhausting, and frustrating. I searched everywhere.

Many people look for it, but so little people find it.

One day, when I was at my lowest and least expected it, I found the treasure chest as I was strolling on a beach. I couldn’t open it as it was locked, but I didn’t need a normal key either. I headed back on a new quest to find a key to open the chest. I traveled back to my mountain, exploring it from different angles. I came to appreciate the lessons my journeys taught me, to appreciate what I have, to see things from different perspectives, to find joy in small moments even in tough times, and to find inner peace even with a raging storm around me. I learned to find happiness in the present moment and not in a realized dream or place in the future.

I went back to the treasure chest to see if I could somehow open it. Surprisingly, I could! My new perspectives, growing mindset, and wisdom were what I needed to open it. I slowly opened the chest, not knowing what I would find. At first, I couldn’t see anything inside. It seemed empty.

I needed to look deeper and realized that the growth I experienced in character became my treasure. My treasure included:

  • Compassion and forgiveness for those who wronged me.

  • Endurance to know I can go beyond my own strength.

  • Gratitude to be thankful for everything I have even in tough moments.

  • Hope in times I can’t see beyond today.

  • Joy even in the middle of a raging storm.

  • Wisdom to discern what’s right and wrong; and

  • Strength when I feel I can’t take another step.

All of these are more worth than any silver, gold, rubies and diamonds.

A few weeks ago, I read about a parable about how a person found a treasure chest and sold everything he had, to buy the entire field so he could have the treasure. (Matthew 13:44).

What would you like to see in your treasure chest when you open it and what are you willing to give for it?

Strive for eternal worth.

So often, we strive for monetary things that have temporary value, but how would your life change if you lived for things of eternal value first, like spreading faith, generosity, hope, kindness, love, perseverance, and wisdom?

How can you spend your time waiting?

I realized I needed inner change before things would change for me. I began to understand that while we may feel frustrated in our current external situations, we can still experience inner peace. It is a journey of growth and at times tough, but definitely worth it.

Here are a few options on how you can paint with colour and spend your time on a cause greater than yourself while you wait:

  • Connect with others (say “hi”).

  • Give others a smile (smile with your eyes and soul).

  • Show compassion; or

  • Volunteer at a cause that aligns with your values.

Everyone is fighting a battle no-one knows about. Walk this time you have with them, with them. How can you paint their day with colour?

Share the treasure inside of you.

Each of us has a treasure inside that needs to be shared with the world. I know it’s difficult at times. Sometimes we feel vulnerable, and it can be a daunting place to be, but that’s when you need to remember how courageous you are.

I get distracted now and again by limiting thoughts too, but the key is to be present, to focus on what you have, to concentrate on your values, and share your unique gifts so you can live a life of authenticity.

Draw your values inside your heart, hold it tight and share your unique light with the world around you.

When we live lives of authenticity, we’ll experience less stress (anger and fear) and move into a place of more love and peace.

We aren’t meant to compete against each other, but to complement one another.

If this email blessed you, kindly pay it forward and send it to someone you think may be blessed by it too.

Photo credit: Dean Moriarty